Active Care

Active Care

Specialist Children

Who is this course aimed at?

For those caring for young people entering the home

Course Aims

To be able to prepare for a new service user ensuring all their specific personal care needs will be met and to provide continued person-centred care

Learning Outcomes

  • Know what Active Care is
  • Understand the Company Ethos
  • Understand and implement the referral and assessment process
  • Know and implement the YP guide (including physical checks etc)
  • Provide a person-centred care approach
  • Understand care planning requirements
  • Provide person centred Care Packages
  • MDT responsibilities such as OT, Social workers
  • Understand staff roles and responsibilities
  • Understand the ongoing rehabilitation required and implement the review process
  • Recognise Safeguarding and CSE concerns
  • Know how to carry out a mental capacity assessment

Course available as

Face to Face
Course Length: 3 Hours

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