Cannulation and Venepuncture

Cannulation and Venepuncture

Who is this course aimed at?

For nurses who will be practicing IV, Cannulation and Venepuncture

Course Aims

To be understand the rationale, processes and precautions surrounding Cannulation and IV

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the NMC Code of Conduct and how it relates to cannulation
  • Be able to accurately identify
  • Know different ways to gain consent
  • Know some initial checks to undertake to aid patient safety
  • Be able to undertake basic universal precautions
  • Know the vascular system
  • Understand the differences between veins and arteries
  • Know some indications for cannulation
  • Know some contraindications for cannulation
  • Understand the procedure for cannulation
  • Identify potential problems with the cannulation process
  • Be aware of possible complications
  • Know how to safely remove a cannula
  • Be able to calculate different flow rates

Course available as

Face to Face
Course Length: 3 Hours

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