Care Planning and Risk Assessment

Care Planning and Risk Assessment

Staffing and Management

Who is this course aimed at?

For those who are involved in developing care plans for individuals

Course Aims

To manage all aspects of person-centred care around the care plan for all residents

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the purpose of a care plan, and what it includes
  • Recognise the importance of wishes, preferences, and advance decisions
  • Know who is involved in care planning
  • Understand your responsibilities, and those of your company
  • Know the role and importance of a Key Worker
  • Be aware of the legislation surrounding and underpinning care planning
  • Understand what a DoLS order is, and its effect on a patient
  • Know the information that must be included in an effective care plan
  • Record and write clearly and effectively
  • Know how to assess risks effectively
  • Understand the importance of Person-Centred Care
  • Recognise different forms of abuse
  • Be able to promote independence

Course available as

Face to Face
Course Length: 3 Hours

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