Immediate Life Support

Immediate Life Support

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Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at professionals responsible for providing immediate treatment for cardiac arrest

Course Aims

To be have the theoretical understanding to provide Immediate Life Support

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand what a cardiac arrest is 
  • Be aware of the Chain of Survival 
  • Apply the ABCDE approach in Immediate Life Support 
  • Understand and implement the Advanced Life Support Algorithm  
  • Recognise ways to treat common underlying causes of cardiac arrest 
  • Recognise the different forms of cardiac arrest, and how to deal with them
  • Understand the roles involved in resuscitation teams 
  • Recognise the key skills needed to provide effective ILS 
  • Be aware of the necessity of accurate record-keeping and documentation 
  • Recognise key tips to document effectively  
  • Know the key legislation surrounding ILS 

Course available as

Face to Face
Course Length: 6 Hours

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