Medication Administration

Medication Administration


Who is this course aimed at?

For people who provide Medication Administration in Care environments and are looking to refresh their knowledge

Course Aims

To refresh the knowledge to those who provide Medication Administration in Care environments

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will have been updated on the following:
  • How Medication passes through the body
  • How the effectiveness of Medication can be altered
  • Precautions for Covert Medication Administration
  • How Medication Administration Records are used
  • Procedures relating to the ordering, auditing and storage of Medication
  • Post-administration observations
  • The 10Rs of Medication Administration
  • How to prepare for a Medication round
  • Procedures relating to a Person being away from their usual Care setting
  • How to safely dispose of Medication
  • Denaturing of Medication
  • Typical Medication Administration Errors and how to avoid them
  • A Medication Administrator’s Responsibilities

Course available as

Course Length: 70

Face to Face
Course Length: 3 hours

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