Nurse Practice Supervisor Programme

Nurse Practice Supervisor Programme


Who is this course aimed at?

For experienced nurses who will be mentoring new entrants to the profession

Course Aims

To be able to employ effective teaching, mentoring, coaching and reflective techniques in your role as a mentor, document progress, assess competency, analyse areas of weakness, and undertake CPD to resolve these

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of mentors
  • Identify the qualities of an effective mentor, and be able to implement them into your mentorship
  • Recognise and demonstrate the importance of good communication
  • Identify barriers to good communication and describe possible solutions
  • Implement different mentorship models in your practice
  • Use reflection in your practice
  • Explain the importance of and be able to give constructive feedback
  • Describe different feedback models
  • Identify and use ways to reduce conflict
  • Identify and use ways to prevent future conflict
  • Be able to describe different approaches to learning
  • Describe effective ways to teach adults
  • Understand and demonstrate how to teach practical skills
  • Prepare materials to present to others on a specific area
  • Present their findings of their area of research and practice
  • Describe your accountability
  • Explain different forms of assessment
  • Demonstrate the importance of Risk Assessment
  • Describe different Roles & Responsibilities
  • Explain the importance of accurate documentation
  • Demonstrate knowledge of good record keeping habits
  • Describe the skills of an effective leader, and employ them in practice
  • Explain the importance of supervision and appraisals, and how to undertake them
  • Describe the impact of poor practice
  • Recall the steps to take in the event of continued poor practice
  • Reflect on areas on personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Use this knowledge to complete CPD
  • Be able to assess and sign off preceptees

Course available as

Face to Face
Course Length: 18 Hours

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