Who is this course aimed at?

This course is aimed at professionals required to conduct venepuncture

Course Aims

To be able to safely conduct venepuncture and draw blood for testing

Learning Outcomes

  • Know the roles and responsibilities of phlebotomists
  • Understand the limitation of duties
  • Recognise the importance of communication
  • Know the anatomy and physiology of the circulatory system of the lower arm
  • Be aware of the criteria of selecting a suitable site
  • Know how to prepare the site ready for venepuncture
  • Be aware of proper handwashing techniques
  • Be aware of the procedure of collecting blood samples
  • Recognise common problems that can occur in blood collection
  • Understand how to label samples correctly
  • Know two common devices used in phlebotomy, and how to use them
  • Be aware of needle gauges, and how their indications
  • Understand how to correctly dispose of used equipment
  • Know how to deal with a needle stick injury

Course available as

Face to Face
Course Length: 6 Hours

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