Safer People Handling

Safer People Handling


Who is this course aimed at?

For those who will be responsible for moving and handling people and objects in the workplace

Course Aims

To be able to manoeuvre people and objects safely

Learning Outcomes

  • Be aware of the definition of manual handling
  • Understand the necessity for trained practice
  • Recognise the key legislations that cover the SPH
  • Understand your responsibilities and the responsibilities of their employer
  • Be aware of the associated health issues that can arise from poor manual handling technique
  • Recognise the importance of ergonomic design in the workplace
  • Understand the correct methods for manual handling
  • Be aware of health issues that may necessitate support
  • Understand how to find key information surrounding handling residents
  • Understand how to manoeuvre residents with dignity
  • Understand how to manoeuvre residents safely
  • Know the correct method for manoeuvring people using a hoist
  • Understand how bariatric residents may need extra support
  • Understand the pros and cons of the use of bed rails
  • Know how to report incidents correctly
  • Apply your knowledge to case studies
  • Demonstrate your competency through a practical assessment

Course available as

Face to Face
Course Length: 6 Hours

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