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Learner Dashboard 


The Learner Dashboard is easy to use.  It's where you access all your courses and view your personal complaince.



Running a Course

All courses are organised into lessons and topics.  You can save a course mid-way through and come back to it later.  The resource button will provide you with additional learning for each topic.


Learners will not be able to download their certificates unless you give them access to do so.  You can download Certificates very easily using our Certificate Report.   




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Training Matrix


The easy to use Training Matrix saves hours of time for managers each week.  It instantly displays all compliant training records for Face to Face and E-Learning courses.  It can be exported to Excel or a nicely formatted pdf report.



Mandatory Report

Our Mandatory Report will provide your mandatory complaince for each home ready for analysis or a CQC visit.  It can be exported to Excel or a nicely formatted pdf report.

Management Statistics

Gain a bird's eye view of your organisation's compliance with the ability to drill down to analyse your data by home/branch, user roles and then by individual learners.  From here you can also access a learner's dashboard and profile where you can communicate with them.



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